• Fifteen top US on-foot hidden transmitter hunters are packing their bags to join more than 400 other competitors from 39 nations taking part in the 18th World Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Championships in the Black Sea resort of Albena, Bulgaria. Competitors are divided into six age categories for males and five for females, in accordance with International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) ...

  • Solar activity over the past week (August 18-24) was down compared to the previous week, with average daily sunspot number s declining from 73.9 to 33.9, and average daily solar flux from 89.2 to 79.6. Average planetary A index increased from 6.9 to 9.7, while the mid-latitude number rose from 7.4 to 8.7.The latest prediction (on August 25, 2016) shows expected solar flux at 78 on August 26-29,...

  • ARRL members in the Rocky Mountain and Southeastern Divisions will choose between incumbents and challengers in balloting for Division leadership positions this fall. In the Rocky Mountain and Southeastern Divisions, contests exist for the Director’s seat. In the Southwestern Division, the incumbent Vice Director is not seeking another term, and no other candidates came forward, setting the sta...

Southgate ARC

  • Hundreds with portable gear had a marvellous time putting former marine navigation on air during the 19th International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend held last Saturday and Sunday

  • Dan Maloney KC1DJT looks at how a trucker might practice The World’s Best Hobby - Amateur Radio

  • The Telegraph newspaper reports that Ofcom has described as 'alarmist' the concerns of the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) regarding the use of 2.3 GHz for mobile phones

  • The Wireless Institute of Australia will hold its annual general meeting in Hahndorf, near Adelaide South Australia in May 2017

  • Steve, W4DTA/YV5DTA, announced that his group (ARV, Asociacion de Radioaficonados de Venezuela) back in Venezuela got an invitation by the Navy to activate YV0 (Currently the #18 most wanted in the world)

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