Joseph Tedesco, KC2DKP

WNY Section Emergency Coordinator, SEMO Region 5 RACES Officer

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After being interested in electronics and radio communications at an early age, Joe became a licensed ham in 1998 and found an interest in emergency communications and ARES/RACES.  Joe is a Life Member of the ARRL and is also listed as an Official Emergency Station, He holds a General class Amateur Radio license; he is also licensed in the United States Navy-Marine Corp MARS communications system.  Joe served many years as a firefighter in Newton-Abbott Fire Department in the Town of Hamburg and also as a member of the Southtowns Hazardous Materials Response Team holding various firefighting certifications including FEMA ICS/NIMS training.  He is a sitting member of the International Joint Commission on terrorism, member of the Western New York Southern Ontario repeater council and is the owner of the KC2DKP repeater in Perrysburg New York as well as being active with the Red Cross Disaster Communications team.  After many years working with ARES/RACES at various events and in multiple positions Joe was appointed as the Western New York Section Emergency Coordinator covering the 30 western counties of New York State and the New York SEMO Region 5 RACES Officer in 2005, both positions he currently holds along with being an assistant RACES officer and assistant emergency coordinator for Erie County ARES/RACES.

Vince Harzewski, N2JRS

Emergency Coordinator, Assistant RACES Officer

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First licensed in 1989 and currently holding an Advanced class license, Vince has a long history of involvement in public service communications. Holding both Official Relay Station and Official Emergency Station appointments, he has been a member of the Western District Net, participating as a regular checkin station, gradually progressing to a liaison station and then serving as net manager for twelve years. Vince has volunteered on many public service events, and has coordinated communications for the Grand Island half marathon and the Tour de Cure. He has completed several training courses offered by the ARRL, FEMA, and NYSEMO. Vince was appointed an ARES Assistant EC and RACES Assistant RO in December 2003, and currently serves as Emergency Coordinator for Erie County ARES, a position he has held since October 2006.

Gene Kremzier, N2OBW

RACES Officer, Assistant Emergency Coordinator

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 Gene was first licensed in 1991. During the 1990’s he worked public service events as an active member of Erie County ARES RACES. He was appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinator/ Assistant RO in 2000.  In 2004 he was appointed to the position of Erie County RACES Officer which he still holds today.  He is listed as an OES ARRL station and is a member of the ARRL.  He has taken ICS courses through ICS 300 and has successfully recently completed the COML Course. He has upgraded to extra and is a volunteer examiner for the ARRL and W5YI. He is a past assistant chief in the Snyder Fire Department where he has been an active member since 1969.

John Titta, AC2DD

EC Niagara County ARES, AEC Erie County ARES,  Eriee County Assistant RACES Officer.

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John was first licensed in 1994. He has an associates in CAD design, a bachelors in Industrial Engineering with a safety minor, and a mastersin Industrial Engineering. He is a volunteer examiner with the ARRL-VECand W5YI VEC, a member for the Niagara County Medical Reserve Corps, an OES ARRL station, an ARRL life member, and a CERT member. He is a 1stresponder (firstaid/CPR/Wide Awake) for his employer. He also holds a 40hour HAZMAT certification. His interests include HF operations especiallyfrom the Fort Niagara Lighthouse under the club call KC2YYL.

John Morrow, K2TXV

Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Assistant RACES Officer

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John started with electronics in junior high dchool with a strong interest towards commercial broadcasting.  He attended technical school in Pittsburgh and attained a First Class FCC Radiotelephone Operators License in 1977.  He moved to WNY in early 1979 and continued to work with electronics of one sort or another, including maintenance of various LMR and public safety radio systems.  He then moved on to test and automation in the automotive industry, and currently is employed in the aviation industry.  John finally obtained his amateur License in 2008, currently holds a general class license, and is working on attaining amateur extra.  He is a former volunteer firefighter, has been active with many public safety teams over the years, and is currently in the leadership group of the West Seneca Community Emergency Response Team.  He has become more involved with ARES/RACES and has participated with the Ride for Roswell and Pumpkin Patrol.



Joe Eberle, N2ZDU

Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Assistant RACES Officer

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Joe became interested in emergency communication and volunteerism in High School, through REACT.  He deployed his first UHF repeater in 1980 on a GMRS frequency, still in operation today.  Joe became a licensed ham in 1994 and is a life member of the ARRL.  Currently a technician licensee, Joe is studying for upgrading his ticket.  He originally possessed a First Class Radiotelephone license with a broadcast endorsement, and Joe was formerly employed at a local Radio Shop repairing Land Mobile Radio equipment along with tower site equipment and has erected numerous towers ranging up to 600 feet.  Joe currently enjoys volunteering for public service events and most recently co-coordinated the communications for the Ride for Roswell.


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