Vince Harzewski, N2JRS

Emergency Coordinator, Assistant RACES Officer

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First licensed in 1989 and currently holding an Advanced class license, Vince has a long history of involvement in public service communications. Holding both Official Relay Station and Official Emergency Station appointments, he has been a member of the Western District Net, participating as a regular checkin station, gradually progressing to a liaison station and then serving as net manager for twelve years. Vince has volunteered on many public service events, and has coordinated communications for the Grand Island half marathon and the Tour de Cure. He has completed several training courses offered by the ARRL, FEMA, and NYSEMO. Vince was appointed an ARES Assistant EC and RACES Assistant RO in December 2003, and currently serves as Emergency Coordinator for Erie County ARES, a position he has held since October 2006.