Andy Wilson, KC2CPL

Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Assistant RACES Officer

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Andrew has had an interest in wireless communications since the mid 60’s, and some kind of radio has been in his possession since. You may have heard him in the 80’s as the voice of WBL marine radio for Western Ontario and Eastern Lake Erie, as well as a participant in the birth of WBNY at Buff State. As a truck driver in the 90’s, his dissatisfaction with the 11 meter band led to achieving his Technician License in November 1997.

After the events of 9/11, in 2002 he joined ARES/RACES. He has participated in the initial training sessions for ICS and most of the Tour de Cure events since, and many of the Rides for Roswell. In May of 2017 he completed requirements to be a member of the Kenmore/Town of Tonawanda CERT Team. There’s also a rumor that he plans to upgrade to General class before the end of 2017.